Always choose to be kind.

3 min readNov 17, 2022

Not going to lie, sometimes it feels like being kind is exhausting. Being kind means you are friendly. Being kind means you are good. You are generous. You are considerate of others and you always try to understand. You are this light, the world can count on when everything else is dark.

It almost seemed like impossible for one who’s kind to show any negative emotions or feelings when they have created this image of kindness within them. In this world where we are surrounded with negativity — a world that thrives on hate, pain and suffering, being kind feels rare. Sometimes I would be skeptical of people who are genuinely kind, wondering if deep inside they hated it. Hated being kind when the world is mean. But no, in my existence so far, people who are kind chooses to be kind.

Everyday we’re being exposed to negativity. Everyday, we would see people who are express feelings of anger, annoyance, sadness or any negative emotions there exist. However, I guess it is possible for people to be genuinely kind but like I said, it is not easy to especially in this world that we live in. I wonder how do those people do it. Throughout my life, I met these people who live out of kindness and who just seemed to always have this ability to radiate kindness wherever they go. I never question it but I always wonder how.

I may not know the actual answer to the how but I have a couple of takeaways from those kind people I have encountered.

Kind people chooses to be kind. It is easy to hate and be angered but kind people actively choose to be kind. At first, I thought this is just impossible because we’re human and it is our nature to feel these emotions. But people who are kind had chosen not to feel these emotions and not give in to the negativities. That doesn’t goes to say that they are unable to feel those emotions, they just chose kindness over hatred.

Kind people try to look on the brighter side. Pollyanna. Optimistic. Half-full glass people. Obviously, people who are kind tend to look at the brighter side. They make whatever negativity comes their way a learning experience. They are people who would accept things as it is, not dwell so much on not-so-good experiences that happened to them and just move on. Easier said than done but this is another thing a kind person would do.

Kind people have no inner motives and they do not ask anything in return. For kind people do things out of love. People who offer kindness does not think of it as transactional. As optimistic as it sounds, kind people choose to be kind because again, that is their choice and they do things because of love. It is idealistic to think that an individual can be kind and not expect it in return. Of course they do, we all do. It is difficult not to expect any kindness in return after giving out some right? But giving out kindness for people who are kind is their way of making the world a little less depressing.

I am beyond grateful for the people that I meet, the people that surrounds me because some of them are really kind. As someone who is a bit of a pessimist despite being all bubbly, it is just too hard for me to believe that there are people out there who live out of kindness. I did not like the idea of being kind just because some people can or will take advantage of you. Often I would find myself thinking if kindness can be a weakness because of how the world is.

On the other hand, it never is easy to be kind but I salute the people who choose to be. In a world where we are made to believe that the world is cruel and that humanity is evil, kindness is that light at the end of the tunnel. Kindness is a breathe of fresh air from all the negative feelings and emotions we feel as human. Choosing to be kind can be tough but people who do choose and try to, and fill their heart with love and kindness just makes me hopeful. Kind people makes this world a better place and more bearable.