The steering wheel

A steering wheel, as direct as it may sound, manoeuvres you to whatever direction you desire. It’ll be sure to take you wherever you wish to be. What it does is pretty straightforward — turn to whichever direction you want and the entire thing will follow. In my case however, its function, is merely the tip of the iceberg. As someone who constantly like, and despise, simultaneously thinking over things for an excessive amount of times, I’d say there’s always more than what meets the eye.

Have I ever gotten a hold of the steering wheel? Yes. It may seemed easy for most, but it is really a whole ‘nother case for me. I meant this to the heart!

I didn’t know that driving can be such an arduous task (at least in my perspective) when I got a hold of the steering wheel for the first time. It’s as if it’s controlling me when I should be the one controlling it in the first place. It just doesn’t make sense! It’s something I suck at doing when it feels like everyone is just doing it so seamlessly.

Getting a hold of the steering wheel makes my stomach turn upside down. It makes me hold my breath for no reason at all and I always have to make a mental note to myself that I am driving. It’s like I have to be always IN THERE to get it going and I needed to think that I MUST be in control in order for it to get me to my destination, and not die or avoid crashing into someone else, obviously. I needed to constantly think of staying in my lane.

By the time I get to where I needed to be, that’s when I let loose. And a feeling of relief comes right after I let go of the steering wheel. That being said, the steering wheel makes me think about life. Particularly the decisions and choices we have made for ourselves.

There are times when we’re in control (and that we needed to be) thinking that we’re on the right track. Most often that not, this is something that a few can actually do. At least based on what I have seen so far.

We have to turn a certain direction to get to somewhere, or we can keep going straight. There are also times when it feels like we needed to let go of it and let it take control over us. I know this is irony- taking control and letting it control over just does not fit together since they each are entirely on the opposite side of the spectrum.

That is what I think about my life right now. So far. More often than not, the steering wheel is the one controlling me rather than me, my human self taking the lead to drive my life to where I want it to go. But wherever it takes me, I just always gotta try right?

P.S.: I still do not have my driver’s license hahaha.



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